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Here comes summer

Beware of ticks and teens, poison ivy, rabies and snakes   Summertime, and the living is … well, actually, it’s dangerous. The thought seems at odds with the sunshine, the green leaves, the…


All the world’s a stage

Fran Platt presents a comprehensive survey of regional cultural events Bard SummerScape, June 25-August 16, Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson Bard SummerScape brings topnotch performers in the fields of music – including classical, opera and…

(Photo provided by Maverick Concerts)

Attendance is activism

John Burdick surveys the regional musical scene with a fine-tooth comb   As press releases, event announcements, links, lineups, and requests for coverage race across my virtual desk like a flickering news ticker…

(Photo by Josh Holz)

County fairs of the Hudson Valley

Jen Holz captures the rare beauty of 4H youth   A boy rests against a snoozing goat, his cowboy hat tipped over his eyes, her Nubian ears softy flicking against his cheek. He…


Swimming holes

Corinne Mol discloses open secrets and secret secrets   A great way to survive sweating hot days and to get the most out of summer is a dip in your favorite river, stream,…

(Staats Fasoldt)

Besotted with landscape

We live in a very beautiful area, says Staats Fasoldt, maybe the most beautiful in the country   Thirty-two years ago I began teaching at The Woodstock School of Art. I found myself…

(Photo care of the restaurant’s website)

Time and place

Jennifer Brizzi explores the explosion of local food products   In these times most chefs worth their mettle know that the focus must be local. Startup restaurants have to announce publicly that they…

(Photo provided by Rebecca Ffrench)

A beautiful thing

Rebecca Miller Ffrench explains her growing enchantment with farmers’ markets   Do you remember your first farmers’ market? I can’t say that I do. I’ve been racking my brain to recall a time…

(Photo by Harry Matthews)

Already home

Harry Matthews explains his route from Brooklyn   At an opening recently in Woodstock a friend of mine who had grown there turned to a friend of his who had asked me if…

(Photo by Annie Nocenti)

Of flip-flops and floods

Annie Nocenti writes of her river home to many   I live on a bend in the Esopus. In the sultry months of summer those of us who live on water are popular…

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